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Updated: Nov 6, 2023



Hey Clozvre, how long have you been making music? Can you tell us a bit about your journey leading up till now?

Hey hey, I've been making music on a computer for about 17/18 years. I started at age 7 when I was attending the boys and girls club after school program. They had a computer lab and some of the computers had Sony Acid Screenblast 4.0. This program came with a bunch of acidized loops that you could drag and drop and sequence to make full tracks. I would make songs and burn them to CDs for my friends. It took some time to figure out which computers had this program and a lot of the time they were taken by older kids playing counter-strike or something. But there was a music studio there as well that had it too. The problem with this was, there was this older kid that would always kick me out. He would yell and slam the door on me everytime. Word got back to my biological father I guess after my mom found out and he built me a custom PC with Reason 1.0, Rebirth RB-383, and Recycle installed and sent that to me along with a midi controller for my 8th birthday. Since then I have spent almost everyday making music. Before all of this at like age 6, I used to route my casio keyboard into my stereo and record my ideas on cassette tapes. As far as my journey goes, it's a very long and complex story haha not sure how I could fit it all here... alot happened, good, bad, and hideous. To keep it very short, from ages 15 - 18, I've produced for a lot of big names (Major Label Grammy Award Winning Artists), TV/Film, Theater, and even worked at Mac Milers home studio. I've sat in meetings and worked with Universal Records, Atlantic Records, Interscope Records, and Warner Chappell. All this and so much more. But so much took place internally and externally that affected me. Mental illness played a huge part. And I also realized that this wasn't the direction I wanted to go in with my music anymore. So in 2015, I went off the grid and re-focused on making music that stood on its own instead of music for artists to record over. I was going back to my roots and making very experimental / sound-design oriented music, basically whatever I wanted to make, that had no genre besides that it was electronic and weird. I guess some of it could be considered IDM but I considered most of it to be Experimental Electronic. And I made so much of it... like 10+ full length albums worth of material. I had always been making these kind of tracks, but it wasn't my primary focus for a long time... because no one outside of my close friends gave a f*ck about my experimental stuff. In 2018, I created CLOZVRE and started creating and releasing music officially for the first time. Different from what I was doing previously, but in a good way. Now I am just trying to make the best music I can that is honest and that tells my story. I'm having more fun now with music than ever!

Where do you find the motivation to put in so much effort into your music projects?

For me, music is the only thing that gives my life purpose. Also, I just really love it. It's the only thing I've ever really cared about and it's the only thing in this f*cking psychotic world that makes any sense to me.

What if you could pick two opening artists for a show you were headlining, who would they be?

I would pick my homie who goes by Xarhia and a friend I met online who goes by ULIIIZAER. They both make incredible music and are just solid individuals.

What can we expect from you in the next year or two?

I am going to do an album in 2022. I might make it an Audio/Visual album, we'll see. Probably less and less singles going forward and more projects like EPs and albums. 2021 is going to be full of singles though and some of them will be Audio/Visual. I also want to do some collaborations with vocalists and maybe other producers. I may be scoring a few indie film projects as well within the next couple of years. These are not set in stone yet but there have been talks. I will also be releasing sample packs here and there, and probably for free. Primary focus will be building my discography though. I want to shoot for more label releases. and over the next year or two I want to get more people talking about CLOZVRE.

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