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Updated: Dec 7, 2023



Can you tell us about how you got started in music?

When I was a kid I got really inspired by Skrillex but never found enough guts to start my career. Years later I was in a festival with my friends, and when I saw artists on the stage I knew it was my job to be there. With this help, and also another push from my close people I kickstarted my career.

What’s the music scene like in Germany?

It’s great, especially if you are into techno and more dance music. General Europe is great for EDM I would say.

Can you describe your style and artists that have influenced your own music?

There are many artists who inspires me so I’m sure I can’t say the name of everyone, hahaha but some of them are: Skrillex, Klangkuenstler, Sub Zero Project and Depeche Mode. The most of what I get inspired by is: old stories, tales and dark art. Oh also from other genres which are not EDM inspires me a lot. So I would describe my music: Mystic, Hard, Old, Dimmed

Do you have goals planned for the future, or anything else you’d like to share?

Of course, I really want to tour around the world to play shows and meet more cultures and let people inspire my music/art. I want to share my vision of life with what I do. I also want to mention: Whatever you do, please do it from your heart and try to be yourself as much as you can and remember there are others and you are not the only one :)

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