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Updated: Dec 4, 2022



Hey Martiln, can you tell us about yourself as an artist and the kind of music you make?

Hey! So I’ve been making electronic music for the last 9 or so years in various different forms, and over the course of the Martiln project I’ve made a bunch of different styles of music. Over the past 2 or so years though I’ve really honed in on my love for really hard-hitting EDM and bass music, and it feels great to be making and releasing music that I align with so much! I’d say that the music I make combines elements of genres such as trance, dubstep, future bass, trap, drum n bass and pop into lush, hard-hitting and emotional tracks that take the listener on a sound-driven journey.

What’s the music scene like in Australia?

The music scene here in Australia, particularly Melbourne, is super diverse! There’s not a massive bass-music scene, but Melbourne is such a vibrant city with a vibrant musical culture that I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of for many years. I don’t have a lot to compare it to in terms of other cities and countries, but what I love about it is that there’s really something for everyone here.

If you went on tour, what countries would you go to first?

I’d love to of course check and and play some shows in the US! Over the past year or so I’ve met a bunch of really cool people from all over the world through social

media, and a lot of them are from the US, so it seems like a logical place to go and play some shows. I feel like it would also be cool to play some shows a bit closer to home in South-East Asia as well, as I think it’d be a load of fun!

What are your next steps as an artist?

At the moment I feel like now that I’ve really discovered my sound, I’m going to try and focus a bit more on my aesthetic. I have some really big things coming hopefully sometime later this year as part of a new project I’m working on over at


that I can’t wait to share and I think will really start to tie everything I’ve been doing and everything I want to do together a bit more, including aesthetic. Once shows start to come back a bit more I’d also love to start getting my chops back up and playing live, because I find it such an amazing and exhilarating experience that I really miss, and hopefully I can start to play to some bigger crowds!

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